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It is our mission to give our readers the opportunity to bind with notable and emerging artists through interviews that will give insight and understanding to the creative process. We feature a wide range of art events in L.A. and N.Y.C. as part of our all-inclusive curated arts calendar. These events include gallery openings, intimate artists talks and editorial coverage that captivate our arts-enthusiastic audience.

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The Culturalite empowers individuals to connect to their creative side. We believe in creating memorable experiences, granting exclusive access to the artistic mind in a pure creative environment. We focus on ensuring all artists showcase their talents by being one of the world's most dynamic, exciting and experienced creative art platforms.

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Unlike others we are proud to say that our readers are the epicenter of our success and the reason why we are always motivated to feature the creative intellectuals who participate in our curated calendar. We wouldn't be where we are today without you, it's only through you that we have managed to penetrate this industry exclusively. Join us and experience creativity in its purest form in a sophisticated environment encapsulated in a welcoming atmosphere.

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Meet the collaborators behind The Culturalite, they are in tune with activities that express sensation, creativity, originality, and independence. They have a strong appreciation for art and artists that are gifted at creating and composing things which strongly affect the senses.

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