Artist Submissions

The Culturalite presents “The Art Of Solidarity” An art exhibition showcasing IATSE members’ activism and creativity in raising awareness on the working conditions mentioned in the 2018 Basic Agreement Contract Negotiations. This exhibition will elevate the public’s awareness to members Union rights in a 3-day event featuring an art exhibition, panel discussion and film screening in the Spring of 2019.


The Art Of Solidarity is open to all IATSE members nationwide. All entries must represent original works of art.


All traditional and new visual arts mediums are accepted: conceptual, installation, drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, glass, mixed media, new media, photography, video, music, performance and dance. The only criterion is that the work interprets the theme of the exhibition, “The Art Of Solidarity.”


All entries are submitted to a committee of selected IATSE members and The Culturalite’s curator.

Entry Fee & Submission Instructions

No Application Fee. Upload high resolution images or email to: High quality images are recommended. Poor quality images or small files may be disqualified. Please include these details in the body of the email with submission.

  1. Name of Artist:

  2. Title of Artwork:

  3. Medium:

  4. Year:

  5. Size: 

  6. Price:

Include on each image of work: name, title, year, medium and number of image. Example: Smith_ Jane_title_medium_1.jpg and so on. All video, motion, or interactive submissions must be in form of a link to a viewable online copy of each work. The work should be shown online, in it’s Full length.


Shipping and handling, installing/de-installing to and from the exhibition location is the full responsibility of the artist. All artwork must be received within agreed schedule. The Culturalite staff is committed to taking the best care of your work during the duration of the exhibition. Please make sure your artwork is properly packaged with a return label or shipment for a sale upon completion of the exhibition.


100% of sales will go directly to the artist.


  • Feb 16th Deadline to submit entries

  • Feb 18th Notification sent to applicants via email.

  • Show Spring 2019

Copyright Policy

The artwork submitted remains the property of the artist. Promotional materials; images, videos and publications of artwork remains property of The Culturalite LLC and permits full and unlimited usage during and after the exhibition.

Image Usage Rights

By submitting your work to the exhibition “The Art Of Solidarity” artists give The Culturalite LLC permission for the entry to be used on The Culturalite website and its social media channels. The artists give The Culturalite LLC the right to use their name for the sole purpose of identifying the artist as the author.

The Culturalite LLC. 90 State Street STE 700 Office 40, Albany, NY 11207

Upload Files (Max 2MB)

Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, mp3, mov, pdf.